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Crap From The Past - February 15, 2013: Buncha Chip Taylor songs

Published February 15, 2013

A pop music radio show for people who already know plenty about pop music, hosted by Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber and heard every Friday night from 10:30 to midnight on KFAI-FM, 90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 FM St. Paul, and


Here is a listing of all shows saved to date and a listing of all the playlists to date.

I'M TIRED OF GETTING PUSHED AROUND - Two Men A Drum Machine And A Trumpet (1988)
A LITTLE RESPECT - Bjorn Again (1992)
SOMEBODY'S GONNA GET THEIR HEAD KICKED IN TONIGHT - Earl Vince And The Valiants [Fleetwood Mac] (1969)
MAKIN' IT [12"] - David Naughton (1979)
I CAN'T LET GO - Hollies (1966) ***A-72 on Ron's Dream Jukebox***
I CAN'T LET GO - Linda Ronstadt (1980)
I CAN'T LET GO - Evie Sands (1965)
WILD THING - Senator Bobby (1967)
WILD THING - Sam Kinison (1988)
KAIPUU [Angel Of The Morning in Finnish] - Pertti Willberg (1968)
ANGEL OF THE MORNING - Bettye Swann (1969)
ANGEL OF THE MORNING - Evie Sands (1967)
GOT TO GET - Leila K with Rob N Raz (1990)
COMMON GROUND - Rhythm Corp (1988)
IT'S YOU IT'S ONLY YOU - Meteors (1979)
GOLDEN DAYS - Krystl (2010)
HOCUS POCUS - Focus (1973)
JUST A CHANCE - Badfinger (1974)
I GOT YOU (I FEEL GOOD) - James Brown (1965) ***Uncle Ron's Music For Kids #3***
I FOUND YOU - Yvonne Fair (1964?)
I GOT YOU - James Brown (1964?)


Reviewer: Scott-G - - February 19, 2013
Subject: Robert Kennedy vs Sam decide....
This was a good one. You can Get the Trogs Wild Thing anywhere....but these are more fun. I can't Let Go by the Hollies is a catchy song I had never heard before. And of course An ABBA cover band covering Erasure who covered ABBA...